Wednesday, September 12, 2007


OK, I think I've been pondering enough, and this is my conclusion. My meltdown was about a lot of things:
- skydiving and feeling inadequate
- being a supervisor and feeling inadequate in the role
- having my performance review Tues. and feeling/knowing my performance has been inadequate
- being at home with my husband and having things be better but perhaps still inadequate (do I care that he's away?)
- being around friends with recent babies or up and coming babies and feeling inadequate (41 and married and no baby)
- needing to make a queen size quilt in 3 months, and feeling inadequate because I haven't started the damn thing yet

Notice a trend? :-) It all combines to being overwhelmed, and skydiving is the most intense thing thus I can blame it all on that. I've self medicated with dark chocolate today, and will move forward (okay Susan?! :-) ) I don't want to get stuck.


Anonymous said...

It's okay to bathe in the Pity Soup every now and then, as long as you get out before you get wrinkly and start to boil.

NoRegrets said...

Is it good for the skin? :-)

Susan said...



You'll be better. As eslocura says "this too shall pass.."

squirrel said...

Man, if I had a dime for every time I've self-medicated with dark chocolate... well, I'd probably go buy myself some more chocolate.

My big watchwords are "incapable" and "undeserving," so I kinda understand you're issues with "inadequacy." I sympathize.

It's kind of gratifying to see that a fellow navel gazer has discovered my blog. Thanks for commenting!

NoRegrets said...

Hi Mr. Squirrel! thanks for visiting... :-) You shouldn't have mentioned dark chocolate... I may have to go eat the other half of the bar...

Tera said...

By all means, DO NOT get stuck! Self-Medicating...this is good.

NoRegrets said...

Therapy helps too. :-)

Hmm... I might have to invent a recipe for pity soup.