Monday, September 17, 2007

Let's make a quilt

So, I mentioned that I have to make a quilt in three months. Well, I'll talk a bit about the process here. The photo here is something I pulled off the internet over a year ago. What I want to make is something inspired by this - a mountain road with trees on either side with a view of the mountain directly in front of you.

The reason I chose this image is because when I went to visit my brother in Washington state, we went on this gorgeous hike up to a glacier. I'll see if I can find the name of it. But on the way there, driving down a road, I saw such an image in front of me, and thought that it would make a great quilt.

So, I'm trying it out. What I have done with every quilt I've made is try some new technique so that I learn something new (and since they are never for me I don't have to look at the mistakes for the rest of my life). Well, this one is new because it'll be queen size so HUGE. But I'm also going to use a lot of thread to 'paint' on the picture when I quilt it, and in addition, use some fabric paint at the end.

But right now what I have to do is create the base. So I've separated the image into 5 sections: the sky, the mountain, the trees on one side of the road, the road, and the trees on the other side of the road. I've made a scale model sketch (whatever 60"x80" down to a paper size is). For each section I will create 'fabric' and cut the section out from this fabric.

Right now I'm making the mountain material. About 5 or 6 different grays, doing a traditional pattern - start with a block, then add a strip of fabric around and around. I think I need to make it about 20"x30" or so, and I'm almost there...


Tera said...

I envy your creative mind! I would NEVER be inspired to do such nor would I know where to start :)

Susan said...

Quilting! I heart quilting! I'm absolutely horrible at it but that doesn't stop my love! You're going to have to post the finished product.

I have..ohhh..20 days to crochet a baby blanket. I'm thinking of a speed stitch one but part of me is like..meh..I mean, she'll get a dozen baby blankets, right? I should just buy some random clothes or something for her..

I don't really want to go to the baby shower anyway. Those depress me and I end up winning all the games and having to take home "baby shower" themed gifts.

Wait, how did I end up on this rant?

NoRegrets said...

Well, Tera, it's been a long road to here. My first quilt was a simple pattern, and small for a baby. I've done quite a number of them. And Susan, there's no such thing as horrible quilting! It's just more artistic... :-) really! And with respect to baby blankets, well, sometimes they don't. And not sure you can have too many blankets. But if you buy clothes, buy older sizes. People really appreciate that it seems.