Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Customer Service - NOT

So, yesterday I drove into work. I don't normally do this because I'm CHEAP and don't want to pay for parking. But today I had to.

So, the end of the day I went to pick up my car. And they couldn't find my key. They showed me every key in the collection. I brought myself down to the car and opened up the car with the remote opener, and the key wasn't in there. I maintained my calm and asked how I was going to get home - they simply said they would look further for the key.

Finally, a half hour later, they found the key. Not unreasonably, I asked for my money back. To my shock and disbelief, the man told me no, because I hadn't been waiting that long, and that it was a single key, implying that it was my fault for not attaching it to a key chain. At first I threatened to leave my car where it was, but unfortunately there was enough space for another car to get around, and it didn't faze him. So, I asked him for the manager's number, and his name. He wrote down the number of the manager, and not his name. So, I repeated again that I wanted his name.

As he was futzing pretending to write his name down but not really doing anything, a guy I had seen down in the garage came up - dress shirt wearing with tie. I asked if he was the manager, and noted that I wanted my money back. Before he even reached me he said I'd be getting my money back and a week of free parking. I told him the guy had refused to give me my money back. So, he told the guy to give me my money back and a week of free parking, and the guy had the audacity to say 'no, why should I?'.

Oh my. The tie-wearing guy barked that he was a representative of the building and that he should not question his authority, and promptly made the guy take the money out of his pocket and give me my cash back. Boy, was the garage attendant steaming, and I loved it. Supposedly I also have a week of free parking there, but as I told the tie dude, no way am parking there ever again. Think about it - all garages have disclaimers saying that they are not responsible for anything that happens to the car. Do you think my car would be in good shape if I ever brought it there again? I think not. I was just happy to get my money back.


Churlita said...

Was that attendant guy 12 years old or what? I can't imagine acting like that to a customer. Jeesh.

Tara said...

Jeez, where did they leave your key, across town? I can't believe the nerve of that attendant refusing to give your money back after they had to search for a half hour for the key.

NoRegrets said...

You would think Churlita... Perhaps it was because I was a woman? He was of some other nationality.

In the end, I don't know where they found it.

evil-e said...

Apparently the worker guy did not care much for his job and the manager guy knows that shit rolls down hill. Hey, not bad, you managed a free week. I hate parking, so I take the bus.

Susan said...

Hopefully you gave him a horrible look.

..not very creative but it's all I have in me today.

heather said...

what the hell! doesn't ~anyone~ know the meaning of customer service anymore?

dmarks said...

That attendant needs boot camp. You are right not to go there again BUT maybe consider it if they fire him.

" He was of some other nationality.

He was probably a refusenik from Insubordia, raised in the capitol city of Rude-a-pest.

NoRegrets said...

Daggers were coming from my eyes, and had I had one, would have been coming from my hands too. But, honestly it was so worth it to have him cut down by the manager guy. Shoot, I walked by there this morning. I should have said I'm coming in tomorrow and I'd like my free parking. Evile-no way would I really park there.

dmarks - quite quite funny... :-)