Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scavenger Hunt - Family

This week's word was family. Which of course usually means living human beings. But I thought I would introduce my stuffed family, which I've been meaning to do for a while. From left to right we have Overdub (or Dub), Wolfgang (Wolfie), Carol the Carrot, Bruno [the big bear], NarKoala, Harry, and so sad to say I forget the name of the other bear.

Oh my, to tell the story of them all. OK, here we go:
Overdub, Bruno, and the monkey I all got at a yard sale when I lived in the Los Angeles area. My boyfriend and I at the time developed personalities for them all. Overdub (my boyfriend worked for A&M records in the record library and was a musician himself) was the smart one who would play tricks. He had a very expressive face and could say a lot of things by scrunching this way and that.
Bruno was the big dumb bear who had a personality disorder. So say something to him, he'd punch you out. He'd look at his fist and hit himself in the face.
Harry is the monkey, and he would do very exciting interesting acrobatic tricks.
NarKoala was both narcoleptic and a weed smoker (get it?) so he'd be smoking, and fall asleep, so we made sure he didn't smoke in bed.
Carol the Carrot was from my childhood - I'll share the story I wrote about her from grammar school.
Wolfgang was given to me just before I left for Germany to live there for a year. He was rather aloof and wouldn't jump into the games that Dub, Bruno and Harry would play.
The last one, so sad, but I remember nothing about it! I may thus have to get rid of him.
But that's my family. Overdub stayed with my boyfriend when I left to move back east. He was sent to me in a box with airholes when my father died to comfort me. I sent him back in a box with airholes to my ex when he developed Creuzfeld-Jacobs disease and was dying himself. But then I got custody when he died.


Tara said...

Awww, cute animals!! Well done on the word!

I almost scanned a shot of my stuffed animals, but I finally have my shots up.

WNG said...

I realize this is going to sound extremely strange but my friens and I have a mini can of canned meat product (that's what the label says, I swear) that we send to each other to help us through hard times. Not as huggable, but comforting and funny nontheless.

NoRegrets said...

Thanks Tara!

yes, wng, that is indeed strange. but pretty damn funny so it makes up for it. :-)

evil-e said...

Nice job on the word...everybody has their own way of attacking it. That is a lot of stuffed animals by the way.

laura b. said...

I love this take on family! I have a collection of action figures at my desk that are very family-like to me :-)

Churlita said...

I love your stuffed family. They are so less filled with resentments and annoying than my family.