Monday, March 10, 2008


OK, had a dream last night. Actually many dreams, but this one stood out. Let me first say that sleeping pills suck. I took one Sat. night, and all day Sunday I had a sleeping pill hangover - felt tired the whole day. I had no dreams Sat. night. I really don't like the quality of sleep you get, so I'm going to try and do without them. I've always known I don't have an addictive personality, and here's another example.

Anyway, I was driving my car on ice and snow down a hill by a policeman (ok, how much worse can it get??), and my brakes were not working very well. I was shoving my foot (actually, both feet) onto the pedal and almost through the floor. I was slowing down, but not stopping. Thankfully when I had to turn right onto a road there was no car coming, but by then I had started using the emergency brake along with the regular brakes. But as soon as I turned right I had to turn left, and again, with use of the emergency brake and some luck and good driving (despite the car fishtailing and almost doing a 180) I believe I managed to turn left.

And then the dream ended.


Tera said...

Wow! That was more like a nightmare!

NoRegrets said...

But I wasn't terrified. I was too busy trying to stop!

heather said...


think of it this way, as outta control things seem to have been you still managed to keep all hell from breaking loose.

and that my dear nor is a good thing.

Churlita said...

I have dreams like that when I'm feeling out of control in my life. at least you can keep yours in control.

NoRegrets said...

Yup, barely, but I did it.