Monday, August 4, 2008

bumper cars

Ah, lunch around here is always so interesting. I was sitting on a bench on the sidewalk, facing away from the street, and I got a phone call. Almost immediately after taking the call, I hear crunching and glass breaking behind me. There's a van in between two motorcycles trying to get out of the space. Trouble is, you can't bump bikes like you can cars, because they fall over, and break. And trouble is, when you're an idiot and keep trying to get out of the spot, you do more damage. Honestly, I don't know who parked where first, but boy was he parked in. Since I was distracted and didn't really see it, I didn't feel the need to stop - there were guys there taking down his license plate, etc.

Image: (from brokenbikeblog)


evil-e said...

people make parking into such a science is a space that covers the length and width of a vehicle between two painted lines on concrete....

Mel said...

omg........ I can't imagine the poor cycle person comin' out to discover what's left of his cycle.