Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twitter Tuesday

It's my day for random stuff. There is one thing related to the weekend, but there are more stories to come.

On the way back home Saturday heard a really good song on a college radio station by the band Atmosphere. And the song was You. Click on the link and it'll bring you to their MySpace page and it's the song that starts playing. It has a great beat, good lyrics, and beware, sticks in your head.

My pink sunglasses are a hit apparently. They guys made fun of me on Saturday, but Sunday I went to the farmer's market and one vendor looks up at me and kind of stops short - 'cool sunglasses'. And then yesterday I was walking down the street thinking about sending that tidbit to the boyz, and a woman comes up to me and says 'I love your sunglasses'.

My cat is in love with my mountain biking shoes. That I wear every day. With no socks. Sticks his face in them. Rubs his face on them. Sticks his paws in them. Might be time to start deodorizing them, ya think?

Michelle Obama is a great speaker. Maybe she should run for president. I was kind of irritated at the cheesy video visit of Barack afterwards though.


evilesb138 said...

glad to hear that the pink sunglasses were all the rage, you just keep wearing them....

cats and dogs love our smelly shoes for some weird reason...my mom's dog goes crazy when I kick my shoes off....so do people but in a bad way...

heather said...

bella has a thing for j's boots. i think she must be getting high off of them.
beware or you cat will become a shoe junky as well. :)

compliments on sunglasses are always a good thing.

do you get the e-mails from ob's campaign? i haven't opened the last 3 or 4 yet. too many other things demanding my attention.

NoRegrets said...

Evile-it's the phermones, or somethign like that.

Heather - and I got yet another today! What a concept.
I'm not on anyone's email list, so no...

Churlita said...

I've heard her speech was amazing. I'm glad you got so many compliments on your sunglasses. As I've said, I'm not the biggest pink person, but I have a pair of red sunglasses that I love.

NoRegrets said...

Churlita, she had power...

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