Friday, August 8, 2008

English Lesson

I was having a teeny bit of trouble between insure and ensure, and found this site which helps you learn the difference between assure, ensure, and insure.

Take the test.


evil-e said...

I did very well!!

Mel said...

Yup......had a Major in English!

(course, you'd never know this from how I write.....LOL)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I did well too 88% and I just used ensure in a blog not to long ago and I had to think in my head but I have a trick usually. I'm way too lazy to read through and check to see if I used it correctly, but I think I did.

however did you notice the typo in this question
They plans to _____ their new house for $500,000.

Shouldn't it have been they plan to not plans to

I have a BA in English as well with out writing like a holder of said English degree *lol*


heather said...

not sure how much i trust a site that has a question like this.

"They plans to _____ their new house for $500,000."


(never had a problem with this particular batch of words, got a 100%)

Tara said...

I assure you that I haven't bought any bottles of Ensure, but I do know that my car is insured.

NoRegrets said...

I sucked. I have to actually read the lesson!
I know, I noted the plans too.
Tara, har har... but well done!

Tera said...

I thought I was pretty well versed on this until I got a 77% the second time through...and I write by trade! Be VERY afraid!

Ami said...

Awesome! Thanks for the test. I needed it. I didn't do bad, but would have done better if I had read the definitions first. :)