Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hangover day

Gets you some comics. The first refers back to a conversation that occurred in the comments of another post.

See the post that relates to it on Bizarro.

The second I just really liked when I saw and didn't get a chance to put up.

See the post that relates to it here.


Glamourpuss said...

Ouchy ouch - hope your hangover lifts soon.


NoRegrets said...

No worries - it's a virtual hangover from the virtual party. Did no real drinking yesterday.

evil-e said...

Bizarro is a great comic....

I like the duel between the is so close to real life.

WNG said...


You're lucky I already mailed your present or I would have taken it back for that!

But I'm glad there's no real hangover and thanks for the laughs, they help with my no-sleep-from-watching-olympics-till-3am-hangover

Churlita said...

I'm sorry you didn't drink last night, but also happy you didn't have a hang-over. Hopefully, you'll make up for it this weekend.

NoRegrets said...

Evile - I liked that one too.

WNG and Churlita - Well, see, migranes don't go with alcohol. My body has been so stressed out for so long that I know that alcohol will just bring more migranes at this point, so no alcohol is actually a celebration. (as I sit here trying to avoid yet another one today)

WNG said...

Oh NoR, I'm sorry. If my drinking brought on my migraines I really don't know what I would do.
I'll send you some mental vodka and hope that it helps :-)

laura b. said...

Those are great! And now I am going to have to start reading that Bizarro blog everyday.

heather said...

ya know there's another alternative for non migraine inducing, mind altering, mood enhancing, libido lubricating fun. my go-to medication for when the imetrex isn't working. ;)
it does have the negative of being (mostly) illegal but i've never had a hangover with it and not once have i woke up the next morning not knowing where i am or who the hell that unconscious cubscout in the bed next to me is. :)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Cheap liquor brings on my migraines, actually cheap tequila to be exact. I wonder what brings on my virtual hangovers *lol*

I do have the sweetest hangover!! I don't wanna get over!

Diana Ross has left the building


Mel said...

LOL I'll just enjoy the comics and leave it at that.

Though I will add how sucky migraines are.....which is very!

NoRegrets said...

WNG - it depends on the state of my body. But I do have a pretty wussy body.
Laura-yeah, there tend to be good ones.
Heather-I will take that on advisement.
OG-cheap tequila can do bad things, but I always can go back to it - kind of a like an abused wife.
Mel-glad you enjoyed the comics!!!

heather said...

just picking on you nor, don't take it too seriously. ;)