Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday

And I have nothing exciting to say. Can you entertain me?

I'll just let you know a friend is coming from Philly to help me jumpstart my motivation to get stuff done in the house so maybe I can at least cook something real for dinner and put away my clothes, etc. I really have to get the kitchen started/done. My free dishwasher disappeared (meaning damn Habitat for Humanity took it! :-) ) so I have to buy one before I get started on the next phases. I so need a kitchen!!!! And I may have decided that I will NOT go with Silestone, but rather granite since it's prettier in less expensive categories.


The CEO said...

Damn, dishwasher and granite. Granite is expensive, and it scratches. It will also ruin knives if you cut something on it. I have had good luck with Kitchenaid and Whirlpool (same company, Kitchenaid is Whirlpool's high end. It lasts a long time).

Back to the National Securities Market Improvement Act of 1996.

Glamourpuss said...

Maybe you just need to kick back for a while - you've had a pretty full-on time over the last few weeks.


NoRegrets said...

You know Monty, there's something wrong with every type of high end countertop. Corian scratches, granite has radiation, Silestone is super expensive for anything good looking and probably scratches. I'm just going to have to live with what I eventually choose. I just don't want laminate. I want to love being in my kitchen.

Puss - I'll try to do some of that too. I hope I can hang out at my realtor's pool even if she's not there.

WNG said...

Go with the granite. I loooove granite countertops. (yes, i am a dork in many areas)

I've lived without a dishwasher for almost four years now and it is HELL. Put it at the top of your to do list kiddo.

Yea for the jumpstart and the friendship! I'll be there ASAP :)

Bombchell said...

hmm I think we have granite, I haven't noticed a scratch in out 5 yrs though, but it's really pretty. But I still use a chopping board though, lol so that might be why.

Dishwashers are a bit overrated for me, if u have a huge family, all those massive pots can never fit etc mine's more of a drying rack {shrugs} but it still helps.

NoRegrets said...

WNG - Thanks for supporting my choice... I have to do a little more research to see about the staining issues. If it's really as bad as some people say, I may need to do the fake granite, which is more expensive (though now looking at DuPont Zodiaq, which has nicer colors).

Bombchell, good to know re: the granite. And I would also use a cutting board. The dishwasher honestly is more for resale value of the house, if I ever resell. Thanks so much for visiting!

Squirrel said...

Not going to weigh in on the countertop issue; I have laminate, but my threshold for tacky is supernaturally high.

I've had a dishwasher for the past year and change... I think I've used it 6 times (three of those to clean the Lego collection I rescued from my mum's garage). I prefer doing the dishes by hand.

But, you know, I'm kind of weird. said...

Hi there! {waves}

It's Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

I am just strolling through the cyber neighborhoods and checking out some new blogs!

Feel welcome to stop by my blog anytime and jump into some conversations!

Lisa said...

Hi there! {waves}

It's Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

I am just strolling through the cyber neighborhoods and checking out some new blogs!

Feel welcome to stop by my blog anytime and jump into some conversations!


heather said...

NOR! think of the knives! buy whatever you want for the countertop but for all that's holy and good, be good to your knives! use a cutting board each and everytime! make sure you hone the blade on a regular basis and that you have them sharpened as well, either invest in a good quality sharpener and do it yourself or get to know your local butcher. chances are he'll be willing to sharpen them for you if you provide a bit of sweet talk.
*granite would be my choice as well and as for the dishwasher, well, i gave birth to her, just working on the training right now. ;)*

evilesb138 said...

granite is very nice and have to try and avoid scratches, but it is nice...

how could they take a lady's mean

Churlita said...

I fantasize about having a dishwasher all the time. I've never had one. Let me know how wonderful it is, so I can live vicariously through you.

Mel said...

<--has granite and a number of cutting boards (cuz sometimes I'm lazy?)

And the dishwasher I pulled out for the extra space.
If we ever go to sell, I'll put it back in.....the space serves me better today. *shrugs*

<--knows how to juggle and has sidewalk's that for entertainment?

NoRegrets said...

Well, Squirrel, weirdness aside, you're also a guy and many guys just don't care about such stuff. And considering I just got a dishwasher at the Habitat ReStore for $40, it's worth doing (we'll see if it works).

Hi Trumpeteer - I'll stop by, thanks!

Heather, do not worry never fear. My knives are sacred. It was so sad when I had to part with some to give to my husband... And I do all you suggest. But not at the butcher.

Evile-I think it's going to be granite alternative (like Silestone). I found one I liked.

Churlita, if the $40 one works, I'll relate my experiences.

Mel - oh cool - sidewalk chalk. would love to play with that.

heather said...

is it the 3-d chalk???
now ~that~ could be entertaining. :)