Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Last night was one of those amazing weather nights. Cold front moving in. I managed to bike home in the window between the severe weather. Whew! But driving to the gym, it poured, I saw amazing lightning bolts, the sun came out and I saw a rainbow, and to top it all off, at the very end just as I was turning into the gym, I was looking at a rainbow and a lightning bolt went down through it. I heard in the news later there were Lucky Charms all over the place.

Later after the gym, I sat on my front steps and watched the fireflies dancing around, while in the background the sky lit up repeatedly with bright bright lightning followed by big boomers.

That was the beauty. Such things and some emotions are inspiring me to try and write poetry again. I'll share some if I ever write anything worthwhile. I'm starting with haikus since they have a nice structure and are short, and I'm good at succinctness (despite what you might think with these longer posts).

Then the beast. It POURED. And such an amount of rain would have overwhelmed any gutter system, but mine might need special consideration. In any event, that wonderful drain I talked about the other day stopped draining. I opened my back door and the water was lapping at the door. Freaking out a bit, I used my foot and then a coat hanger to try and open the drain. Finally, duh, I realized I should at least bail out the area. So up and down the stairs I went in the rain with my recycled cat litter pail - dumping it down the driveway to go into the street. I looked this morning and it was back up, so went through the same procedure. Something's gotta be done obviously.

In any event, an eventful evening.


Susan said...

I'm not feeling the cold front and rain. Mom and I were supposed to start walking the trail on top of the other things I'm going but it's been so muddy it's dangerous to even try to walk it. This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, though, so I shouldn't complain about crappy weather when I'm just chained to a desk.

Churlita said...

That's all so dramatic. You could save a lot of money from your entertainment budget if you could get that kind of weather every day.

I hope it all gets fixed and you don't have to work that hard every time it rains.

laura b. said...

Some of that sounds amazing...and I'd love to read your haikus!

The flooding sounds like a beast alright, but you seem to be very good at getting those household problems taken care of. Kudos :-)

Belle - A Beauty livin with her Beast said...

i love to sit and watch lightning..I would rather it be cool than hot!

Squirrel said...

Good on you for taking up poetry again.

Sorry to hear about your plumbing issues, whoops, I mean your house's plumbing issues.