Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My little freak out

I now have rash spots on both my arms.
Ate nothing unusual yesterday.
Lamictal can cause deadly rashes.
Called my psychiatrist and we'll see what happens.
Oh, btw, DBN has my login information so if anything ever happened to me, she would let you all know.


laura b. said...

It's good to know we'd hear if anything happened to you...but that is sort of freaking me right out.

Mel said...

Better safe than sorry.

Listen to the doctor--I mean, what's the point in paying for their knowledge and expertise if we're not going to use it!

(LOL--spoken as one who does the same thing you're doing......)

Pamela said...

Laura, well, it was just fyi.
Well, Mel, I did call. And it was a free call.

Churlita said...

I hope it magically goes away, but if it doesn't, I guess I'd listen to the Dr.