Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday Hunt - Sign

The following is a sign that you have too much water in your basement.

Dark squishy patches when you walk.

Sorry I freaked out on the blog the other day! It was way too overwhelming. But my brother came yesterday and helped me rip out the carpet most of the way. So now I have very little in my basement and I think it's pretty dry by now. Last night my friend made me dinner and driving home at 8 pm I was ready to drop. So I did. I slept for 11 hours. Amazing. And I managed to avoid getting a migraine, which is incredible. I did wake up at 2 am thinking I would get a migraine, but I took ibuprofin and had some warm milk and went back to sleep.

There was a neighborhood mini meeting Sat am. Seems the houses on my side of the street were built on a creek bed. And they fixed the main sewer pipes about a year ago by putting a liner in, and noone had problems before they did that. But now two neighbors over have a sump pump that pumps every 4 minutes, which it shouldn't need to. My neighbor and I both got water up through our basement floors. So, I have to call the county and report what happened and the neighborhood may get together to get something to happen. What I don't know.

The kindness of strangers also saved my sanity on Friday. The plumber who came 1) only charged me for 1.5 hours of labor despite all that he tried, and 2) went back to his home and brought me his own personal pool pump to keep the water out of the drain area by my back door until I get it fixed. Very very nice guy. Sorry Susan, but older man. He told me the story of why he has a pool, and his wife dying etc. Poor guy.

Anyways, now I get estimates on drain recreation and sump pumps. Woo hoo!


Mel said...

Oy poor thing. Sounds like a talk with the neighbors who've been dealing in it is a good plan.

Last night--2 1/4 inches in 15 minutes. Bit wet around these parts.....*sigh*
At least I won't need to water flowers this morning?

Ananda girl said...

Oh how terrible and frustrating. It's a wonder you didn't end up with a migraine.

But what a lovely man to take such extra time and care with you when he has such major issues of his own.

Pamela said...

Holy crap Mel! that's a lot! wow.

Ananda, yes, he was a very nice man. and I consider it a tremendous achievement that I did not get a migraine.

k_sra said...

Sorry to hear about your basement! Yarp! hope the cleanup goes smoothly.

Tara said...

Great example of a sign, but I'm sorry you're going through that. How cool that your plumber didn't charge you for the whole time he was there!

laura b. said...

That is not a good sign...and any freak out that went along with this was well deserved. And of course you handled it all beautifully in the end.

Churlita said...

At least you finally got help. I know all too well how badly it sucks to think you have to go through it all by yourself and not knowing how you'll do it.

That was a very bad sign.