Monday, June 15, 2009

What if you threw a yard sale

And noone came? Or at least almost noone? Well, it's a bit frustrating... I think we were out there for 3 hours before it started raining and maybe 5 cars showed up. It's so odd because I expected droves of people. So much anticipation. A bit of a letdown. But, people liked the free stuff, though even that I didn't get rid of it all. My friend's neighbor's child was there, and though very precocious, may have hindered more than helped. She'd go up to the cars that would stop and greet them and walk them up to the stuff pointing out everything and trying to get them to buy. I should have told her to start crying if they didn't buy anything. Then there was the woman who was excited by the three free pots, and felt guilty about taking them without buying anything. My friend asked her: are you Catholic? yep.

Then the 2 hour drive to my friend's house with the hope of hanging out in the sun - rained the whole time, alas. But her family is great, of course. She asked at one point if I was overwhelmed, and then said, I forget who I'm talking to. I mean with 6 kids in a family (me), get togethers get pretty loud and busy, so I'm very used to it. Her mom and dad and sister were great of course, though I had to ask her mom and my friend to run interference when I wanted to leave, because he didn't think I should drive home that evening.

And then a 4 hour drive home. Most in the rain, alas. Got really sleepy in the last hour, but had my 'I never drink it because I can't but I really do love it" Coke. Last night I had a dream that I was soooo tired and I was trying to get somewhere, and I knew I shouldn't be driving but I couldn't even pull over because I couldn't see where to go. I tried to pry my eyes open, but they wouldn't open. And so I drove for a little bit with my eyes shut - had no idea how I didn't hit anything, and finally ended up on the front lawn of some house, and I think tried to sleep.

Yesterday I got my green toes (lawn mowing) and returned the pool pump to the nice guy who lent it to me. Turns out he lives around the corner from another friend, so I went out there to drop it off. I want to adopt the man! I know he has friends because he said at one point he was meeting friends that night, but still... He seemed to really appreciate the little jar of homemade jam I brought him, and offered to help if I ever needed it again, and just seemed kinda shy/sad. I guess maybe he seemed a little like my dad would seem if my mom had died first. But I gotta let it go...alas.

I ended up also climbing with my ex, which for reasons not related to him, was a pain in the ass. Part of it was I was torn: I really just wanted to be at home, but it was too nice a day to 'waste'. But it was good, though time consuming.

Oh, work? what's that? um, bye...


laura b. said...

It was drizzly here this weekend too and I saw some yard sales going on that didn't look too happening. It's cool that you were giving stuff away, though.

Your visit sounds great and I totally relate to the big family gathering phenomenon.

Oh, and I have had that same dream! I can't open my eyes! Always tires me out...

Churlita said...

I'm sure it was the threat of rain that kept people away. People are insane about yard sales here.

At least you got a climb in this weekend.

Tara said...

I loved having garage or yard sales at our old house. We used to get a lot of customers, rain barely slowed them down. But then we moved to a condo and it was too hard for people to find us. It was so slow and disappointing.

Sebastien said...

I say you outsource your marketing to a professional firm, they will help get you customers for the yard sale ;)

And the Catholic guilt thing, wow, I'm all about that... never could understand why I always felt guilty, and then one day it hit me, Sunday school and confessions.

Mel said...

I say you adopt the fella anyways. One can never have too many friends!

And apparently rain and garage sales don't mesh very well. Try it again on a sunny day? I mean, all ya gotta do is close the garage doors, right?

NoRegrets said...

Laura, I am a firm believer in the giving stuff away/freecycling.
Yeah, the dream freaked me out a bit.

Die hard yard salers don't let rain stop them... I guess it's a different breed.

I don't think I've held a yard sale in a very very long time. I think back when I was 11 or something. Its' weird being on the receiving end. Take my stuff, please!

Signs might have helped too. ;-)
Yeah the Catholic thing never ever goes away...

Well, Mel, she lives 2.5 hours away... a long drive to try again. But that's ok. She'll do it by herself.