Wednesday, June 3, 2009

made me smile

The other night driving home from the climbing gym, there was a big tractor trailer truck in the left lane of two, and he was trying to get over to the right. I slowed down to let him over. Turns out he turned where I did, but after that I was able to pass quickly enough to get to the red light first (silly me). There was a guy at the light holding a sign asking for assistance. I didn't have anything handy, but I did see the trucker behind me give the man something.


Churlita said...

That's cool. I almost never have cash on me, so I can't give to people like I feel I should.

Susan said...

Kind of a pay it forward. That's nice.

laura b. said...

It is like one of those Liberty Mutual commercials where people pass on kindnesses to strangers :-)

Pamela said...

Churlita, I prefer to give food, but didn't have that either. Well, I had peanut butter crackers, but since you can get those for less than a dollar, I feel bad giving them.

Susan, Ithought so too.

Laura...oh yeah, it took me a second.