Friday, June 5, 2009

An excellent exercise regimen

Here's one you could try: walk up and down a set of stairs holding buckets of water. Lift water and dump into driveway. Repeat over and over and over and over.

I pre-wrote my 'I'm going to California' post last night. Silly me. Not going. I am now waiting for the plumber. The rain is not stopping. The carpet is wet. The floor is wet. Ah well...

Here's a photo of the pool I have now:
This is after several rounds of water dumping. It's probably back up to the stoop since I've been away from it for 5 minutes.

OK, back to the exercise regimen. And gotta buy a shop vac to get the water out of the carpet. Will it ever stop raining???


Susan said...

I hope it stops raining! If I were in the area I'd be there to help you girlie!

Pamela said...

Thanks girly. If only I could get this song out of my head: I'm going to California in my mind. Damn James Taylor.

laura b. said...

Oh, so you want me to STOP doing my rain dance? Okay.

Churlita said...

We've had rain on and off all weekend too. It's not as bad as last year when it flooded though.

I wish I could help too.