Wednesday, July 4, 2007

All Wise and Powerful Oprah

"Letting go hurts. But staying, once you've decided the relationship is really over, means being buried alive. Face your decision with courage, kindness, and a galloping leap of faith. Joy is waiting."

Being in limbo sucks. I was and am confident in my decision to leave. But it's the limbo that is now driving me nuts. It's seeing if he has the ability to step up to my plate. Keeping in mind that I have to do some stepping to his too. Just waiting to see if the plates are close to each other or can be close to each other. Seeing if a leap of faith towards the relationship is possible. Or whether I live with the leap away.

And here I thought the whole concept of jumping/leaping when describing my leaving was so original! But it's a very common and clear image, not surprisingly.

It's independence day...

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