Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

So, today, the 28th, is my dad's birthday (and the only reason I remember that is because I called to ask my mom). He would have been 78. The photo is from my sister's wedding. She was wearing my mom's dress, which I tried on when I was getting married but had too big bones. I did not inherit my dad's ears, thankfully. My poor niece did.

So, speaking of Johnny Clegg and Savuka, his album was playing when I got the call that my dad died. One song reminds me of that time:

Inside him a boy looks up to his father
for a sign or an approving eye
oh, it's funny how those once so close but now gone
can still so affect our lives

And that's certainly true of my dad. One of the more major things I got from him was my attitude towards 'important' people. I won't bow and scrape to anyone just because they are in an important position. (Of course I'm not stupid either.) People need to respect others no matter what position they are in. Hmm... I'm not saying this right. I'll see if I can remember it later...


heather said...

courtesy is given, respect is earned.

words i live by.

NoRegrets said...

OK, thanks. That's what I meant.

Tera said...

Isn't it funny how we remember things?

Susan said...

I think ears are awesome. I seriously have a weakness for big ears.