Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lion photo

Two posts in one day. Well, not really. I wrote the last one high on rice crispie cakes late in the evening (I'm blogging in Syowa time).

So, the lion. For many reasons it is me. But I also wanted to show off one of the best pieces of quilting I've done. Yuppers. I made that. My godmother had hinted she wanted a quilt for her 50th birthday several years back and so I complied. It took me one and a half years (with a 6 month space of doing nothing on it) and a new sewing machine but I did it... I found a black and white photo in a book, sketched it onto a pad, figured out which pieces should be separate material, created a grid to blow it up proportionately, labeled every piece, cut out the pieces, found material suitable for every piece, sewed it together bit by bit, found a discarded fake pearl for the eyeball, and quilted the thing.

I get it when my godmother dies. (Darn, I forgot to write that on the quilt, but I did tell her and she did promise me...)

As with any quilt, it's not perfect. The head of the lion is the best.


Tera said...

You and your wildlife...quite lovely piece of work if I may say so! ;-D

Susan said...

That is freakin' amazing!!