Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who Makes you Snort?

So, as part of my effort to keep myself occupied while I'm separated from my husband and also to take action on my desire to bring more music and laughter into my life, I went climbing Friday night with two guy friends (one very happily married and one a lifelong commitment-phobe - I somehow feel I have to explain that I'm not trolling for men). Both of them love music (I'll share M*'s list of albums that are great as a whole later) and both make me snort with laughter (though mostly when they are a team, rather than individually) and give my stomach and face great laughter exercise.

Apparently they were talking last weekend about who makes them snort (ok, that's my wording - I think their words were gut-busting laughter) and who snorts at their jokes and whether or not it's possible to find a life partner who also makes you snort/snorts at you. D*, the happily married one, thinks not. He thinks you have to go outside the marriage/partnership to find that. M* (never married and likely never will be) is searching for the combination of someone you can snort with AND have sex with. I'm not sure. It's the ideal, certainly, and I had something close to that once (who broke up with me and later died), but how often do people find it?

THEY think it's partly a gender thing. That women are too uptight/self conscious to partake in gut-busting laughter AND help create it in others. The two exceptions were myself and D* (who I hold on a pedestal when it comes to creating snorts, so I was quite quite honored to be placed in her league). And then, being men, they said the women also have to be semi-decent looking and that's what makes it so tough. (grrr...). So, something to contemplate.

Of course, as soon as they said that, I felt self conscious and felt like I had to entertain... Ack! But I got over it.

It also felt nice that the next day they called me up out of the blue and invited me over to watch the 40-year old virgin since M* hadn't seen it. Does it say something about me that I LOVE the extra bit about You Know How I Know You're Gay? Four older brothers might have had an impact, but they were NOT like that at all. So who knows. Perhaps I'm a guy in female clothing.


Susan said...

I am DEFINATELY a guy in female clothing except as a general rule I don't get along with females. My little brother always makes me snort. My friend Lara does too. With her it's more of a cruel sort of snicker, though, so I don't think that counts. I love the "you know how I know you're gay" part of that movie!

NoRegrets said...

Yeah, I don't know why I wrote 'maybe'. That's why part of my goal is to 'embrace the inner pink'.