Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Better Living Through Drugs

I used to be chemical-free. I was a healthy young lass, who had migranes and found that I needed to abstain from caffeine and too much sugar to help keep the migranes away (along with regular exercise and enough sleep). The only drug I took was aspirin. And then, over time, I had to cave and start ingesting chemicals. The first one was high blood pressure medication. I was already eating well and exercising, and my blood pressure was at that cut-off point that you need to take drugs, so I had to start taking them. Then I got herpes, and found that I really needed the drugs to keep it at bay in the beginning. Then my allergies got worse and I experienced my first sinus headache, which made me want to cry, so I started with sudafed and then claritin when needed. Then I became severely depressed, and needed drugs to help me get out of the deep deep hole.

And then, Jan. 2 of this year I ran to work with a backpack and got the most severe sudden migrane I have ever gotten. And for 4-5 days in a row I got a similar though less severe headache. I was a wreck - scared to do any strange movement - because my usual methods of getting rid of migranes did not work with these new ones. I went through months of various doctors and tests, finally to hear from a neurologist that, oh, well, sometimes people suddenly start getting exercise-induced migranes - we're not sure why it happens, but it does and it can also go away at any time. I was so sick and tired of being afraid to exercise that I accepted some samples of Relpax, which you take when you first start feeling a migrane. I did all I used to and didn't need to use the drug - yay! So it seemed like it was all in my head (pardon the pun).

But then I started getting one of 'those' migranes last Sunday (the day after my hard climbing), tried it, and it was a miracle drug. I used my second and last pill last night - seems skydiving is considered exercise! (My back IS actually sore - even though I stretched the morning of). And it worked again. So now I do NOTHING until I get a prescription for some more. Give me drugs! I want drugs!


Susan said...

My mother has a headache every day of her life. They range from a mild tinge of one to a full on bright lights migraine. Her doctor put her on a medicine she takes every day as a preventitive measure. I worry because it makes me wonder exactly what it's doing to her to make them go away. She, however, says it's a miracle. She'd rather a part of her brain not work than have the pain anymore.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

This is why whenever I get pain killers, I always tell em I have a very low pain tolerance, and then don't use the whole bottle.

and chase them with a shot of scotch.

NoRegrets said...

I admire people who can have a headache every day of their life and still keep waking up the next day. I know when I get a migrane like I did last night (didn't catch it soon enough) I'd like to stick an awl through my eye to get rid of the pressure/pain. I completely agree with your mother.

darwinbignose said...

I get exercise-induced headaches. Nothing like jogging in a hot day to get those going. The last one, last Sunday, was the worst headache I have ever had (let's day that I have never vomited because of a headache before). If I take iboprofin before it starts then I'm ok. But once I have the killer headache there is not much I can do except hope it goes away fast. But then I only get 1-2 of those a year, so I can live with that. But I agree -- drugs are good.

NoRegrets said...

Sorry you've entered the sorority bignose.

And Gnome, I'll have to try a shot of tequila with it... Maybe I'll see aliens or something.