Friday, July 13, 2007

Email from Mom

I am going to see if Farmers Market is open tomorrow. I hope so, have been waiting for it to start. Saw an article on cooking sweet corn. I will try it when I get some. The trick is to cook the ears for two minutes. Heat the water to a rolling boil, then add the ears slowly enough that the boiling doesn't stop. And don't add salt to the water--that makes the corn tough and diminishes flavor. I've always done it for three minutes. Going to try this way next time I get some corn. (The ears will be sweet and juicy) We shall see if one minute makes a difference. Don't know if you have corn out there yet but try this way when you do.
More later, Love and hugs, Mom

Sometimes it's hard to believe I am the daughter of this woman. And sometimes I am way too much like her. The curse of every child.

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