Sunday, July 22, 2007

Report from Girls Weekend

I made it back alive, and before I fall into the black hole that is the Harry Potter book, thought I would write a few words.

I think the cardinal rule is that whenever three or more women are gathered who know each other fairly well, there's going to be explicit talk about sex. It's doubly true when one woman has had a fairly long dry spell and needs to shout out to the rooftops about the great sex she's having (alas, not me). It's triply true when there's much alcohol involved. It's perhaps unfortunate for neighboring rooms when said women leave the door open and the screen open, for all the world to hear. But what fun! It was a great end to an evening that started with N* trying to open a bottle of champagne in the BYOB restaurant, and have it explode away from her, to bring quiet to the restaurant and peals of laughter from us.

We were kind of a crude bunch, with me perhaps leading the way. One of the women was saying how she exercises a lot - will run 10 miles for example - and just doesn't lose weight. I told her God was saying fook you. Run 10 miles, bend over for God, keep running... (Oh, I'm going to hell.)

Not too much else exciting to report, except that I will never buy spray on sunscreen again. Being the frugal(bordering on cheap) person that I am, I did not put on a thick enough layer, and thus if a child were to draw me wearing the red dress of recent post, she would only need a red crayon and that's it. OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little since if it were that bad I'd be in the hospital, but boy o boy, am I red.

Oh, forgot to report about the feather pillow fight in white lingerie followed by a seltzer/spritzer fight...will do that later. :-)

Off to Harry Potter....

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Susan said...

Sounds like fun!