Monday, July 2, 2007

Four and Twenty Buzzards

Except not in a pie, but in the sky.

Yesterday, driving out of town, saw a mess of buzzards on the side of the road. They had found a dead deer and were having their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Much later in the day, after being out all day, driving back to town, I saw an amazing sight. A column of buzzards circling from the ground up into the sky, in a perfectly round column. They had found an updraft and were circling tightly, gliding round and round, up and up. If I didn't have other people in the car, I would have pulled off to just watch. I think they were the same buzzards as the morning, with bellies full, just taking advantage of the updraft. Perhaps letting others know there was food there? I don't know the habits of buzzards...might have to look it up.

Reminds me that I should go out and float again. I went hanggliding in Brazil several years ago (tandem) and it was the best experience of my life - or at least close to it. Floating on air, very little sound...amazing.

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