Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gift horse

I've said before that I'm not neat. Those who know me well know that that's an understatement. Well, yesterday I brought my car to the dealer because I had a leak somewhere and my car was smelling like cat urine. Turns out it was the sunroof and they fixed it - for a total of $360. When he told me on the phone I lost all emotion in my voice, but he said he would try and do something for me.

So, I got to the dealer, and we are chatting. I asked if I had gotten a lemon, since my computer went, my air conditioning had problems, the sunroof. He gives me a look - 'and how much have you paid for it?' Then he hands me a bill for $40. I just looked at him. 'I told you I'd take care of you.'

Then he starts giving me shit. They not only fixed the roof but also got out as much water as possible from the rugs, and cleaned them. In order to do that, they had to get all the shit off the floor. "We piled it onto your back seat. I'm not sure you can see out the back window" And it's a slight exaggeration.

He asked about my brother, who bought a car through them also. He's the polar opposite of me in terms of car neatness, and I told them the story of how on the way home over this holiday we stopped so we could switch driving, and when he got into the passenger seat he used his penlight to look on the floor to see if I got it dirty. I'm not kidding. It's stressful for me to be in his car.

Anyway, before I left I gave them my special smile - the one where I pinch my cheeks on either side. The guy who helped me and his colleague next to me just cringed and laughed. His colleague said 'how can a woman with such a nice smile make such a scary face'? Honestly, it's freaky. I scared myself as a child looking in the mirror and doing it. My sister can't take it. Kids find it interesting I think.

Anyway, long story short, there are wonderful people out there and I'm blessed to meet some of them.

And speaking of freaky, here's my mom's mailbox, Hannibal.


Churlita said...

That mailbox is creepy and I want to see a photo of that smile.

That's great that they fixed it so cheaply for you.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, maybe I'll put one up someday. And take it down quickly.

Churlita, it's a late Christmas miracle...

Nate said...

Your mailbox wants to eat my liver.

NoRegrets said...


laura b. said...

Wow, I need to meet a car dealer like that! That is extremely cool.

By the way, I think you'd feel comfortable in my car. haha!

Mel said...

I'll clean out my car.


NoRegrets said...

Laura, I'm sorry to hear that.
Mel, no reason to unless you have a leak...