Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, since I was sick and karma finally found my remote for my dvd player, which really doesn't make a difference since I can't sit across the room and use it because of the way my electronic crap is set up, but does make a difference because I can't choose the extra stuff on the dvd's since I have such a cheap player it doesn't have buttons to do that... wait, where was I?

Oh, so I watched some movies.

Eagle Eye: pretty good mindless action movie
Tropic Thunder: really well done, and friggin' hilarious in spots. It's too bad it was marketed to teenage boys, because it might have done better in the box office. Or did it do well and I just missed it? it got all this press because of the use of the word 'retarded' and how they approached people with mental disabilities. yes, I understand, but it made sense for the movie. and it got all this press about a white man playing a black man, but it made sense for the movie and they really really handled it well. and it was one of those movies I thought about the next day, and finally got something and laughed out loud so I looked like a crazy woman.

Finally, one I did not see but was invited to. My friends went to see it on a sunny Sunday early afternoon and I just needed to be outside after being cooped up in the house for sickness. I MUST see it, and so must you. I joined them for food afterwards and my one friend greeted me with a double peace sign (both hands). It really makes you long for and perhaps work for peace, apparent. Oh, the name of the movie is Waltz with Bashir. See the trailer below. Amazingly done. MUST SEE.


Churlita said...

I've heard so much good buzz about that movie. I'll be very surprised if it comes here, though.

The CEO said...

hat did you think of the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday evening?

laura b. said...

Oh, I really want to see Waltz with Bashir!
Um, also Tropic Thunder :-) I have no fear of looking like a crazy woman.

NoRegrets said...

Sunday was the first I had heard of it, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

Monty, didn't watch...

Well, Laura, if you get the jokes at the right time you won't look like a crazy woman.

Mel said...

I'll mention 'em to himself who has the patience to sit still for more than 30 minutes straight.