Friday, January 2, 2009

Layered Dreaming

Wrote this last night:

It's almost midnight and I fell asleep on the couch again. How's this for layers of dreams? Not even sure I can sort it out.

In my dream I'm lying on the couch sleeping/dreaming. And I hear a noise like someone's trying to get in the door but I thought I recognized the voices. So, I try to get up, but I'm so tired that I kind of move my arms and legs like I'm walking to the door, but realize I'm still lying on the couch. Finally I force myself to the door and I can barely get my eyes open. Even when the door is open I'm standing there with my eyes shut and kind of have to force my eyes open to talk to the person, who came back over to talk to me. It was a [fictional] young neighbor across the street who had delivered a game that he and his sister had created for me and wanted to play. I told him I'd play on Sat and went back inside. And in the dream I called up my friend M [who was helping me half of today on my house] to tell him about the experience and to tell him about my furnace, that I still right now as I sit here wonder if I truly had a problem with or not before I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

I also had a dream about rock climbing with the gay trainer in the gym. I was trad climbing, and using his rack. And he had no nuts. I told him that this morning and he just laughed.


Churlita said...

Those are some funky dreams. Unless they're super scary, I like remembering my dreams.

Pamela said...

yeah, it was almost as bad as when I had the concussion, and couldn't wake myself up. I know, I love remembering dreams.

The CEO said...

Do you think the furnace is important?

laura b. said...

I find those dreams where I can't get my eyes open or move my limbs properly very unsettling.