Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More cell phone nonsense

OK, so I blocked text messages from web and email sites. But then I get a message tonight from a phone number that I don't know, and it actually is the second one in a couple days from that number. Like an idiot I call it, and there's some raucous music and a beep. Oh, and I think I happened to leave a message something like 'fuck you'. Yeah, I'm not smart, especially when I'm sick. And then I get another txt message back saying 'ya rang?'. ARG!

Thankfully a friend happened to call to ask how paypal works (he needs to catch up to the modern era...) and he said to just call the company and they'll stop it. And so I did - they list it as a harassing phone number.

Thing is, I wonder if whoever this idiot is will just pass my number on. I really like my cell phone number and I don't want to have to change it. But I guess I would if I had to. It's one of the problems with having only a cell - I don't have a home phone. Is there any smart way to deal with handing out phone numbers when you sign up for various shit? Should I just be handing out my work number?

Sigh, thanks for any advice you have. I have to go lay my snot laden body down and sleep now.


Mel said...

Goshdang.....ya poor thing.

I do hope you get to feeling better SOON.
And as an employer, I'd discourage you from using the work number as the contact number.
Only cuz I get to deal with annoying calls and that makes me a not so happy bunny. LOL (yes, purely self serving, but there ya have it--maybe other employers feel different but I doubt it?

laura b. said...

Personally, I never call back numbers I don't recognize. If someone I know wants to reach me, I figure they will leave me a message.
Plus, my cell number is registered on the "Do Not Call" list, so for the most part I don't get unsolicited calls from businesses.
And, yeah, I only have a cell landline. But so far, it hasn't been a problem.

Churlita said...

I haven't had that problem either. I'd make up a fake number if someone has to have it and I didn't want to worry about them calling me. I hope you feel better soon.

NoRegrets said...

Mel, I have a direct line so it wouldn't be SO bad.

Laura, yes, that would be the smart thing to do.

Churlita, I have to get better at making up fake numbers...