Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Hunt - Misunderstanding

So, for the past week and maybe even two there's been a bit of water in front of my place and since it's been cold it's been very icy. You can tell it comes from two doors up the street. I was somewhat irritated, since at first it seemed like they were doing some construction and were just irresponsible to let so much water run off.

Thursday when I was home sick I hear a couple raps on my door. My 92 year old neighbor was checking in since my main door was ajar (I leave it open for the cat to look out - so much for energy savings since the outside one really insulates not at all). She also wanted to tell me news she had found out. The neighbor it turns out has a spring under her house, and water has been seeping into her basement and around the house - she so far has spent thousands to try and rectify it - and Thursday there were yet again people out there working on it.

So, I'm glad I didn't get too upset about my initial misunderstanding. It would have been bad karma.

BTW, thanks for the well wishes. Having had a migraine gave me license to take it easy yesterday - naps, movies, reading books, and minimal errands. Hopefully today is the last day of feeling a little out of kilter (end of my other sickness).


Mel said...

A spring under her house?!

Omgosh....what a mess that must be for the poor homeowner.

<-- is very glad to hear that you're a wee bit better

laura b. said...

It is such a relief when a misunderstanding doesn't become an unnecessary conflict! That sounds like a pretty nasty problem for that homeowner. And it also sounds like you have at least one kind neighbor looking out for you :-)
Glad you feel a bit better.

NoRegrets said...

yes, I feel bad for her. Thanks Mel!

Well, I honestly think she was more interested in sharing her scoop, but I'll take it your way. ;-)

Bobby said...

Woah. I hope that doesn't spring up in your place, gees.

The CEO said...

I am so glad you're feeling better. There seems to be water problems all over the area. I hope you don't have one.

Churlita said...

I'm glad you're feeling better from the migraine and the cold.

That's weird about the underground spring. Do you suppose the old owners told her about it beforehand?

Pamela said...

Yeah, I asked someone about it and he didnt' think it would necessarily come to my house. Lordy, I'd be in trouble if it did.

Monty, at least it's not a water main break.

Churlita, I'm not sure but I think they've lived there a while...

k_sra said...

I think most people would misunderstand a fountain of water coming from the underside fo someone's house. Be happy it's not you fighting the elements from within!