Friday, May 29, 2009

Grab Bag 2

- I found out yesterday that there's a really cool set up so ground water doesn't flood my basement. I saw that there's two inconspicuous holes near the drain outside my basement door that water is seeping up and through, and it goes directly into the drain. We've had so much rain, I'd be in deep water if I didn't have that. Whew.
- The trouble with pulling out clothes at home and bringing them somewhere is that sometimes you make mistakes. Yucky combination today, but I think I fixed it with clothes I have at work.
- Facebook has been crazy for me lately. Random stranger who knows two people I know liked a comment I made and wanted to be my friend. OK. Friend of this random stranger saw my last name and asked if I had relatives on the east coast. She used to surf with some people in NJ - I still have to figure out if it's a cousin of mine. Old college acquaintance saw my name on someone I'm closer to, who doesn't really use FB all that much, wrote to me and became my friend. Hope he's not looking to hook up, because just not interested. A FB friend of a guy I used to work with asked to be my friend because I apparently used to work with him in the first job I ever had here. I don't remember him AT ALL - and had to write to the one person I know from that job to ask who the hell he is. He even remembered that I got 'let go' from there.

Oh, yes, I got fired. I worked for a real asshole, and put up for it way too long. And there were many other assholes at that place. My at-work demeanor thus was not good. They also said I couldn't write worth a damn. It was ultimately a good thing they let me go, since I was approaching the job like I had every relationship: keep trying and trying to make it work, even if it's clear it's just not a good fit, and ultimately bad for my mental and physical health. But it still sucked to be let go.


Churlita said...

I hear you. Being fired feels like rejection and I can't handle rejection.

FB is always so crazy. Some days I can deal with it, but there are days that I stay off it, because it feels too overwhelming.

laura b. said...

Sometimes I look right in the mirror at home, have the nagging sensation I could do better...and then just don't. I am just that lazy I guess. Sad.

FB is kind of intense sometimes! It is the most social social network I have ever seen!

I have never gotten fired, but I can think of a time or two I probably should have....

Pamela said...

Yes, it sucked. And generally I like FB but it was kinda overwhelming to have all these weird things happen all at once.

Laura, it can always change!