Monday, May 11, 2009

home is where the heart is

Or at least where the sweat is left. This weekend again was home improvement weekend. I do try and not push myself too much since I'm supposed to be resting my body, but of course I still do too much. Here's the list:
- replaced a window blind. Which made a huge difference in that room. Free blind - had to buy new brackets. Have the rest of the upstairs to do.
- mowed the lawn
- treated the lawn with chemicals to kill weeds since it wasn't supposed to rain today, dammit. also felt immediately guilty about treating the lawn since birds immediately jump down and start feeding from the lawn. I will find a more environmentally friendly way next year.
- put up an eagle over my shed door
- painted stanchions for my railing
- extended the handle of a mini-rake for my neighbor that both her son and my friend M (both men) couldn't do, but I just followed the writing on the handle and the arrow and it was nothing. men's brains vs. women's brains.
- spent 1.5 hours at Home Despot buying lots of shit, including a new ceiling fan for my bedroom since my friend B looked at my freecycled one and determined that it really was crap.
- found out that I really have no idea what breaker one new outlet is on and will have to call the electrician who ran the wire to come back (for free, he better do it for free)
- installed a box and outlet in my wall for the microwave
- fixed a contraption that was in the shed which I originally was going to throw away but M realized it's to use on the inside stairs to give a larger platform to stand on when painting, etc. It had a loose leg which required unscrewing stuff and putting longer screws in.

All of this was done with my friend M just sitting around telling me what to do. He's pretty disabled. And every time he'd start to do something I'd yell at him to stop. It is actually great because it makes me learn more. And for those of you who might think that M is interested in me, well, not true! He left me Sunday to go meet up with N - as he said he's exploring... Good for him.


Susan said...

Good for you and gettin' stuff done. I may have time to get stuff done again sometime soon.

Churlita said...

You got a lot done. That's great. I think if I had my own house, I'd be the same - just wanting to have a nice little nest.

Squirrel said...

Nice work!

Couldn't you turn off each breaker one by one to find out which one the outlet is on? (This is what I've done in the past in the same situation.)

laura b. said...

I am in awe of the amount of stuff you always seem to get done over the weekend. What is like not being a slacker? haha!

The CEO said...

I agree, but I want to point out how much I love that eagle!!!

NoRegrets said...

Susan, once you stop travelling!

Churlita, yeah, and it's so much work nesting!

Squirrel, we did that. Which leads us to believe it really isn't connected to a breaker.

Laura, it's a disease. It really is. It's so hard for me to just sit and relax...

Thanks Monty! I love it too. Got it from my mom.