Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Hunt - Up

First off, my azaleas are opening up so I'm getting to see what color they are!

Second, I seem to be dropping my seltzer cans a lot, and when I do, the top pushes up like the below. Makes it hard to drink out of the can, so I have to pour into a glass.

Finally, I look up in my bedroom now, and I see white. It's just the first coat, but I'm so happy I did it, though it makes me want to do the walls NOW. I am so friggin' pooped right now though. This was done after literally 8 hours of working on my kitchen being managed by my friend who can't use his hand or stand, and me yelling at him every time he tried to do something, for his own good. And being stood up by friggin' 5 craiglisters who said they wanted my cabinet doors. And being fed up by trying to find the friggin' breaker that is supposed to turn off the power to the wires sticking out of my wall which were live by the way and which I was going to 'play' with without checking because I thought they were off... OH MY, it's time to go eat dinner.


Mel said...

Ohhh...GOOD job! Looks mighty nice.

And the azalea's are gorgeous. *sigh*

We have ONE tulip blooming.
Better than no tulips blooming?

Tara said...

Your azaleas are beautiful! Very Springy.

And great job with the painting! When I painted my bathroom walls blue, I was so proud that I wanted to paint the entire apartment blue. But I did not.

Churlita said...

I would love to have my own house with a yard, so I could fix it up exactly how I wanted it...Usually. I know there's also a lot of bs with that too. At least the stuff you were able to take care of by yourself is really nice.

Pamela said...

Mel, it's only just begun, but thank you.
Tara, yes. Thing is, that's just the tip of the iceberg... I have the ENTIRE house to paint. Sigh.
Churlita, yes, there are pros and cons of having your own place, fer sure.

laura b. said...

A great variety of up pictures!

I am glad you didn't get electrocuted by your live wires.