Thursday, May 14, 2009

Law Firm Names

On the way to work this morning (on the bus for the last time - I start biking again tomorrow) I looked out the window instead of reading. I saw an office, law firm. The name on the door was Paulson, Paulson, Paulson & Paulson. WTF? Amazing. They'd get so much better business if they named it Paulson to the 4th degree [note I have no idea how to format that, but hopefully you understand what I mean].

So, I did a search and the Wall Street Journal has a brief article about funny law firm names. There's a blog post here. Some of the best real ones they found were Low, Ball, & Lynch. And Payne & Fears. Craque & Anutt. (ok made that last one up. was that so obvious?)


Susan said...

I just almost shot water out my nose over yours. lol

Churlita said...

Payne and Fears describes any of my legal experiences perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Paulson x 4
The 4 Paulsons
The Paulsons Four

This reminds me of the Three Stooges law firm...

Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

Pamela said...

Oh good. Mission accomplished.

Churlita, sorry.

Alien - I like the Paulsons Four... that would be cool.
And I thought that was click and clack's name - didn't know it was originally three stooges...

laura b. said...

The Paulsons Four sounds like a group of folksingers :-)

I see there is also one called Allen, Allen, Allen, & Allen. My favorite? Weiner & Cox, Attorneys at Law.