Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't Forget to Dance

So, happy new year's eve everyone! I'll be at home, alone. By choice, sort of. Semi-pathetic, but choosing to be pathetic.

I already had a nice morning - had my training session. Had to apologize to my trainer for freaking out yesterday. It was the day after two migraines in a row and I wanted him to interrupt his training session to get the bad spot on my back. He didn't, and I was upset, not at him, but at life. I had a tennis ball with me and was able to get it myself later.

Actually, before that I had some nice exchanges. I had to park downtown and had almost no change. The guy hanging out by his car in front of me didn't really have any, but searched on his car floor and found some and just gave it to me. Wouldn't take a dollar for it. And then on the way to the gym I stopped and gave the homeless guy selling newspapers the Happy 2009 cookie I had in my backpack wrapped in cellophane. He wouldn't take it without giving me a paper.

Then after training, went to pick up a free Ralph Lauren full size comforter (freecycle) which I need for guests. And picked up my tile which I bought off ebay for half the price of in the store. Thing is, it's a little fishy, which I didn't really know, since I guess they have to pretend I'm a contractor. So this morning I worked for some front company I guess. Nothing I could do - I already paid for it.

I also dropped off a printer at a place that employs persons with disabilities to recycle them. And, finally, stopped at the local store that sells pork neck bones so I can make myself some tomato soup broth. If you want that recipe, I'll write it out. It's a pain to do, but the soup is delicious and really will hit the spot on this windy, cold, New Year's Eve.

Here's my song for the New Year. I actually remember when this video came out. Never knew the song would apply to me...


Anonymous said...

I have a movie planned for tonight, myself. But, my New Years Eve was four days ago! C;P Plus, I just don't feel like doing anything else, and have six inches of new snow falling as I type. That all adds up to a nice quiet and peaceful night at home. C:)

Susan said...

I'm hanging out with my little brother. We're going to see a movie and eat dinner then I'm heading home. I decided I want to ring in the New Year curled up with a little white dog. :)

{} Last one of 2008. ;)

The CEO said...

Happy New Year. We're having dinner with a friend who I met as a freshman last century. We've been doing this for years. We'll be home between 10 and 11 and watch videos.

EsLocura said...

I am staying home as well, sleeping, hopefully sleeping ton's. happy new year.

Pamela said...

Craig, I know how you love to shovel, so you just enjoy that snow.

Susan, have a great time! and {} right back at ya

Monty, enjoy yourself. Don't eat too much.

Es-enjoy your bed!

laura b. said...

I am having a non-pathetic pathetic New Year's Eve too! I actually feel pretty good about it.
Thanks for the Kinks. I love them.
Happy 2009 to you :-)

Mel said...

Joyous 2009 to you, ma'am.

I didn't find your doings the least bit pathetic.....compared to mine. LOL

Churlita said...

It sounds like you had a busy New Year's Eve Day. I'm a I'm a little late reading this, so you know how my night went.