Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Hunt - Window

OK, Music version today. Tomorrow photos if I can find my battery charger!

I love this song. Was just listening to it. Has the word window in it!


Bobby said...

All I know about the Dixie Chicks is that they slammed President Bush. And that's enough reason for me to love them.

laura b. said...

Dixie Chicks! I see that stranger in the window sometimes too...good one, NoRegrets.

Pamela said...

Bobby Bobby. What are yo udoing in Florida again?

Laura - yeah, that stranger is not so strange sometimes.

Mel said...

Yup....listened to this and a whole stream of Dixie Chicks last night.
SO much that I failed to comment and thank you for the entertainment.


Thank you--it was great!!!

NoRegrets said...

Mel, glad you enjoyed!