Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She's a Screamer

Flying out to LA Wednesday night, they played a movie. I decided I should stay awake, so watched the movie. Plus they gave free headphones, so I figured what the heck. Even though it was Journey to the Center of the Earth - the new one with Brendan Frasier - which I had heard wasn't all that great. In fact the greatness to what extent it existed was the fact that it was 3-D.

In any event, all around me was darkness and sleeping people. Then comes a huge flying fish with great big pirahna-type teeth straight at me. I screamed.

Oops! All around me, people stared with evil looks - the ones that woke up that is, of which there were quite a few. I covered my mouth and looked sheepish, and kept my mouth covered for the entire rest of the movie.

I was reminded of the time my brother brought me to Broadway to see Death Trap (with Christopher Reeve! that tells you how long ago). I was towards the front. When someone got killed and it was a huge surprise, I screamed. Noone else in the theater did, and again, everyone looked at me, though with not quite so much evil.

The entire weekend climbing, I had my screaming moments. It just is. I can't help it. People who climb with me regularly know I do it, and don't really listen until I say some key word that would mean something more serious. But I was climbing with a few people who hadn't climbed with me. I'm sure it is indeed freaky to hear a yelp when you are at the bottom, and can't see me, and you think I'm falling off the other side of the rock. One guy got so sick of it, he proposed getting a bark collar for me - jokingly, but I'm sure he would have liked to use one if he could find one quickly.

No, I don't scream during sex, sorry.

And I forgot my bra today.

Back to my nasty evil financial report.


Churlita said...

How did you know I was going to make a "screaming during sex" comment?

If I forgot my bra, I wouldn't go to work. maybe I should forget my bra tomorrow. I'm really tired.

Susan said...

I'm about to take off my bra and slingshot it across the room at JG. As amusing as that thought is to me, I'm too tired and feel just a step above "crappy" so the bra shall stay firmly where it belongs.

Tera said...

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I am totally hysterical with laughter right now. And each time I get a visual of each incident...of course not you forgetting your bra for the eleventieth time...uhh...wait...oh, I CRACK UP!!

This was too amusing.

I often burst out with laughter in a similar fashion.

Oh yeah, TAG...YOU'RE IT!

NoRegrets said...

Churlita, I know my reading audience.

Susan- let us know when you actually DO fling it.

TERA - I'm glad to amuse you. And I will do the tag within the next week. What joy.. ;-)

M. Robert Turnage said...

I scream during wildly inappropriate moments during movies. Like in Dirty Dancing when the older sisters sings that luau song, I started screaming, "Make it stop! MAAAKE IT STOOOP!"

I also scream any time Joe Don Baker has a love scene.

And I didn't realize you were a Project Manager. I am being all snooty and going for a PMP in the next couple of years. It is on my employee development plan.

laura b. said...

hee hee! Do friends try and startle you just to hear you scream? If they don't, they should :-)

NoRegrets said...

MRT, I had to google Joe. Yeah, wouldn't want to see him naked.

Laura, they know better because they know they would get smacked unconscious. And I'm serious.

NoRegrets said...

MRT - not even sure what a PMP is. Are you missing an Eye?

I came about it through sheer unluck. Actually, it really is somethihg I'm pretty good at, except for the financial trackign part. Oops.

Mel said...

<--was NOT going to ask about screaming during ...... well, you know..LOL

And at this moment--I'm trying to think of a time I actually forgot a bra.

I'll get back to ya on that one another day--howszat?!

M. Robert Turnage said...

PMP means Project Management Professional. It is a fancy-schmancy certification that business people use to impress each other.

Of course what is more impressive is screaming when no one is expecting it.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Could you use the bra as extra rope ?.. screaming is good for the soul.. maybe not so much on an airplane..

heather said...

oh dear, i've been wanting a bark collar for years to use at work. :)
i don't scream but i've gasped and held my breath a few times with someone else driving. usually at night. still haven't seen center. it was only in the theaters a week or two and i missed it.