Friday, December 19, 2008

Spreading good cheer

1) my doorman friend just showed up with a bottle of rum he had been raving about. a present to me. I just smiled and accepted it instead of berating him for buying me a present. Controlling myself to not open it immediately.

2) a homeless guy yesterday had a sign saying he would write a love poem. that made me smile. he also wished me happy holidays.

3) I'll be playing Santa's elf this weekend, delivering homemade cancer-fighting food from Pennsylvania to a friend who has brain cancer.

4) I picked up some stuff from a freecycler last night - stuff I was going to buy from Ikea anyway and there it was for free, including a never used cutting board. And then she offered me nice hanging lights, and even a medicine cabinet. She was so nice - it made me jump up and down for joy - so see I did have a good moment last night.


franki said...

i woulda totally given the homeless guy a fiver for a love poem. what a great idea.

M. Robert Turnage said...

So glad you didn't regift the rum for the homeless guy.

laura b. said...

I'm so glad there are things to be glad about :-)

Churlita said...

No matter how bad things get, there's always good somewhere. that freecycler sounds really cool.

Pamela said...

Franki, if I see him again, I just might.
Hell no MRT - I have my priorities.
Laura - me too!
Churlita - that is true. Freecycler was way cool. Most of them are! (including me... ;-) )

Esteban SV said...

Gracias por los comentarios y la foto. Si, era la única que tenía donde aparesco con brackets. Muchas gracias.
Maldición!!! Este año no iré a Potrero Chico. No entrenamos mucho.
Mmmmm?? Te podría visitar el próximo año. Si??
Muchos saludos, feliz navidad, felices pavos, vino y tequila (ajua). XoXo

Ami said...

I love freecycling--both giving and receiving. It makes me feel good to know that things are getting a second (or third or fourth) life.

Glad you found some things to be cheerful about.

Mel said...


k.........made ME smile!