Friday, October 24, 2008

Bus vs. Bike

Ok, so tell me if I'm in the wrong or not. I was biking to work, and as usual I had to change to the middle of the two lanes before this one light, since the right lane is right turn only in the morning. The cop had told me to do that. At the next light, before the light, a bus had stopped to pick someone up. The light was green. I went to the left of the bus, ie the middle of the road, to pass the bus. The bus toots his weak little horn and stops like I've inconvenienced him. Then as he passes me he toots again, and at the next light the light is red and he did something else before he stopped. So, I go to the left and ask the bus driver what his problem is. He was pissed off that I was between the bus and the car. I told him it made no sense that there was a problem because I'm in the friggin' road. He shut his window on me. Oh, that hurt.

So, tell me.


Squirrel said...

You were in the right. But the problem with biking in traffic is that 99% of drivers have no idea how to deal with bikers, and don't realize that bikes have just as much right to be there as cars.

(Trying to make up this morning for not commenting on your posts in a while, can you tell???)

Anonymous said...

Pesky carbon burners!!! I have those problems all the time, but I choose to ignore them. If someone honks at me when I know I am in the right - like you were here - I just smile and wave like they were honking because they knew me or something.


NoRegrets said...

Squirrel, problem is I never know if I'm really in the right.

Craig, OK, since there's two of you saying it, I guess I'm ok. I wave too, but half the time only my middle finger is sticking up.

Squirrel said...

Ah, the business half of the peace sign... classic.

It's good to know whether you're right or not when biking, but given the dangers of biking in traffic, it's probably more important to know what will or won't get you killed.

There's a website I found that has really good advice for road bikers, I'll send you the link if I can find it.

Susan said...

You should have yanked him through that little window.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LOL u dont seem like the bus type
now that i think about it the bike type either lol

have a great weekend

Churlita said...

That bus driver guy sounds like a total douche. I love it that you confronted him though.

Anonymous said...

No big flag, but a couple of flashy lights for when its night. i don't have a problem with people seeing me, the problem is with people simply not being patient. C:)

NoRegrets said...

OK, Squirrel, send me the link. Thanks. Now I'll know for sure when I'm breaking the law.

Susan, he was pretty high up - buses are HIGH. Otherwise, might have.

Torrance - bicycle, not motorcycle, if that's what you're thinking.

Churlita - It's easier to confront when you know they can't reach you.

Craig, ah. Still, that's too low for me.

laura b. said...

It constantly amazes me how pissy some people on the road get with bikers. I think a lot of people could use a refresher course on the rules of the road.

The CEO said...

You are responsible for following the same rules of the road as any other moving vehicle in your area. If the bus driver doesn't like it, report him and his bus company to the bus company. He can deal with you or his company, his choice. I side with you here. Totally.

M. Robert Turnage said...

Obviously the bus driver was suffering from abdominal pain from bloating.

This bus driver had so much gas in his body cavity, he tooted at least twice in your story.

He probably toots all the time, wrecking not only his love life, but his entire social life.

I mean, say he goes to McDonalds to load up on more of those McNuggets, and the girl at the counter asks him what he wants... but then he toots.

And she giggles.

And he feels the slow burn of butt shame.

For the rest of his life.

You are better putting such things behind you, never to be thought of again.

NoRegrets said...

Laura, half the time the bikers deserve it...

Monty - yeah, someone else said I should call up. Which reminds me, I need to write a note to the Eyre bus company because the day before two of their bus drivers almost literally killed me.

MRT - ah ha! He's frustrated because he only has a weak little toot. I should have offered to give him lessons.

And never use slow burn and butt in the same sentence. Ouch.

heather said...

gee, rules of the road as explained to you by a cop or by a bus driver with a weak ass toot.
i say screw the bus driver and follow what the cop said. in the meantime, do look up the rules for yourself.

heather said...

btw, i can comment again! wow! :)

Squirrel said...

Crap.. can't find the link. Sorry!

Mel said...

Yup--you were in the right.
I don't think that negates the fear of the driver that you might, by chance, end up being hit by him if you were not--which isn't pertinent cuz he found you in the wrong--which doesn't particularly matter cuz you were in the right?

*scratching head*

What was the question again?

Always smile and wave!
That's my answer.

Ariel said...

I have been lent a bike. The lender sat me down in his office and gave me THE talk: no using it on main roads, no using it at night. Biking to work is not a possibility, unless I walk back in the evening. Therefore the bike has remained in the basement, unused. The US is not bike-friendly in the least, I'm sorry to say.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I would just smile and wave.. You were obviously following the rules of the road..

NoRegrets said...

Heather, yay! And I'll look up the rule of the road... someday...after I do my monthly breast exam.

That's ok Squirrel.

Yeah, I know Mel.

Ariel, some places are bike friendly. Really!

Mrs - well, it makes me a tad grumpy when dealing with a big bad bus...