Thursday, October 16, 2008

I feel like the Easter Bunny

We had a meeting this morning and provided breakfast. Our director had mentioned that it would be nice to have some protein, so suggested boiled eggs. That was interpreted as 2 boiled eggs per person, each peeled and in their own little container. So, now I have two dozen eggs to go distribute to homeless people. There'd be two more if the UPS woman in the elevator didn't respond to my offer with 'sure! I love boiled eggs'.

Update: Well, there are some picky homeless people out there. Which is fine. And you know, it's harder to figure out who's homeless than I thought. I found some in the regular spots, but beyond that, you don't want to assume... I gave up and went to the pack of bike messengers who quickly dispatched with the remainder. One did say he'd rather have me. I unfortunately did not have a witty rejoinder... Tell me what I should have said.


Churlita said...

What an odd choice. I can't stand boiled eggs. Now, if they made deviled eggs, that would be a totally different thing.

Susan said...

"Baby, you couldn't handle half of me..."

Unless he was hot and then you should have said

"Right now in front of god and everyone?" (bat eyelashes)

Sorry, I'm on that right after working out high.

NoRegrets said...

Churlita, well, yeah, kinda odd, but I guess ok. Some people ate them.

Susan, I fear the first would have come back with 'let me show you'. I do like the second one.

Suzanne said...

I think that is a strange thing to serve at a meeting, too, although I would gladly eat one of the eggs. I love hard boiled eggs. (Stopping now before I go into Forest Gump mode, droning on about all the different ways that I like eggs.)

Tera said...

Love me some boiled eggs with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on top...they don't last long in our house around Easter!

Of course NOW I know what you're talking about on my Blog :)

And Susan SO took mine...LMFAO!!!!!

laura b. said...

I like hard boiled eggs...mostly the whites. You wanted to know that, right?

Witty rejoineder - Well, today I'm only giving away eggs...tomorrow, who knows?
Is that witty? Or just half-witted. I can't even tell anymore.

NoRegrets said...

Suzanne, but I want to hear your impression of Forrest gump...

I had to walk by the group (new group) on the way to my therapy appnt and I just smiled to myself. Noone hit on me though so I couldn't use the line.

Oh my Laura, I'd be afraid to walk through the park again!

NoRegrets said...

What I should have said is: You need to stuff your bike shorts if you're going to get a woman.

OK, that's not all tha tgreat.