Monday, October 6, 2008

I need to hang upside down

So I can smile.

- court date is set for Oct 14, 9:00 am - will then be officially divorced
- ex-ish is fine without me - developing his own friends
- progress is so slow on the house
- people think I'm a boy
- medication has stripped my ability to have an orgasm
- last day of PMS
- lots of work to do, gotta go.

I'm sure later today I'll be fine. Just needed to list shit.


Susan said...

I sing this song when I get drunk and sing karaoke.

Your smile and my smile are somewhere hanging out, I'm sure. They're having delicious drinks and enjoying the sunshine.

Churlita said...

At least you only have one day of PMS left. All that stuff won't seem so overwhelming tomorrow. You will both be fine without the other one. It will just seem weird at first.

NoRegrets said...

Our smiles better be having a damn fucking good time together!

Churlita, of course I thought that yesterday, but hopefully it's true today (the pms being over). There are times I don't want to be fine, but yes, I know.

Glamourpuss said...

Hanging upseide down always makes me feel better. Seriously.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Hope you are better today.. I hate PMS.. it's either really bad or I hardly notice.. There has to be a happy medium in there somewhere. don't you think..keep on smilin'

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Oh, NoR, I sure hope things are starting to improve your outlook.

laura b. said...

Um, do people think you are a hunky boy by any chance?

I hope you get your orgasm back. That is nothing you should have to do without.

The CEO said...

Damn, hanging upside down just might do the trick. Have you installed a pole yet?

NoRegrets said...

Puss, I'll try tomorrow, if I can. Usually it just makes all the blood go to my head. Imagine that.

Mrs. - thanks. it may be going down. We'll see.

Woo, thanks. I planted plants tonight so that helped.

Laura. yeah, maybe. And me too.

No pole. I am a Pole. No need to install.

Mel said...

I reserve Wednesday all rights to whine on Wednesday. Not that it changes anything....but at least it's structured and I can have a bit of cheese with it. ;-)

Ohhhhh....and definitely like the tune.

Here's to a better today!

Squirrel said...

Great song... hadn't heard that in a while.

I sympathize with #4, people keep thinking I'm a boy too.

Oh wait...

NoRegrets said...

Mel, I gotta go with the flow... so to speak. :-)

Squirrel. even when you're wearing a kilt?