Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chat with my 79 year old mother

I call her up...
"Oh, I was just thinking of you. How are you?"
Oh, I'm ok. The divorce is final - went to court on Tuesday.
"Oh, well..."
And that was after climbing with him the entire weekend.
[surprised amazed chuckle] "It's certainly different these days"
Yeah. And I talked with FirePat this week for the first time in 8 years, for almost an hour and a half. He was calling to help me with some house issue. Seems I have a gaggle of men willing to help me on the house.
[laughs]"Oh, you're a hot one. You always make me laugh."

I really should tape one of these conversations and write them down word for word/noise for noise. She's 79, and thus has certain ideas about how life and relationships should be, and I always seem to be breaking the rules, per se. Luckily she just finds it amusing and is not one to chastise me at all. Which is why I tell her the way I tell her. I like to shock and amuse her. And let me just say I do not at all take these 'gaggle of men' for granted. I am very very grateful for everyone's help. They are all good friends.

And I may as well tell why there's a FirePat. I've noted before in other people's comments that I've had a string of Pat's. Five to be exact, which leads me to believe I should have married a Pat. But anyway, there's Little Pat (high school), Big Pat (knew him in high school and he was bigger than Little Pat, but he turned into Old Pat because he was a friend in high school, boyfriend in college, partner in Zimbabwe, and then friend again), French Pat (my junior year abroad fling), POS/Roses Pat (POS stands for Piece of Shit - he was post graduate school when I was living at home and temping, and I told him I didn't want to date him but he sent a dozen roses to the house at Thanksgiving time when the whole family was there, and when I found out who they were from I said 'what a piece of shit' because he didn't listen to me. of course, being who I was, I ended up dating him even though I really didn't want to), and FirePat (volunteer firefighter seven years my junior who I started dating when I moved to my current state and with whom I had several on again off again times with the last one being sure for both of us that we could never live together but we care about each other very much - and who has been living with a woman for years).

So, there you go. I won't be blogging until Tues late evening the earliest. Conference... have fun!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I wish I kept track of the conversations I had with my late Grandmother.. She had some very amusing stories to tell.. The conversations with my Mother aren't all that interesting..

Have a good conference..

M. Robert Turnage said...

If any of these men had bladder control issues, you could have nicknamed him Piddy Pat.

Churlita said...

That's a lot of Pat's. For me, it seems to be Erics. I do it by colors based on their hair, apparently. There's Eric the Black and Eric the Red. It also makes them seem hotter when they have pirate names.

laura b. said...

Your mom sounds so cute :-)

And all those Pats! I've never dated one and there you are hoarding five. Unfair I calls it. haha!

NoRegrets said...

Mrs - I wish I had taped some with my father...

MRT - well, there's always future Pats, in their 80's.

Churlita - I seem to date men with all one hair color. Except for the one I married. So I couldn't do that. But it does make for a sexy pirate name.

Laura, you must have dated two of the same name...