Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Julie Fowlis

I finally found the piece of paper that said who I saw the weekend before last (but, like Pushing Up Daisies, it seems there has to be an equal reaction - I can't find my keys). Julie Fowlis. Here's her official website. She grew up in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, which is apparently a gorgeous place. Here's their tourist website. I've put a song below. When I saw her she was much more casual and much more relaxed and really quite funny. The guy on the left (her right) is her husband. What instrument is he playing?


Susan said...

It kind of looks like a sitar but it's not.

Susan said...

It's the Irish Bouzouki.

Churlita said...

Damn. I'm going to have to try and remember to look at it when I get home. I love weird instruments.

The CEO said...

I thought it was a mandolin, and the other guy was playing a violin.

NoRegrets said...

Thanks so much Susan!

Churlita, it's not allll that strange. but very cool.

CEO, no, a mandolin is smaller.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

is it a sitar? .. I will have to check it when I get a chance..

Mel said...

Ah.....a bouzouki! (looks like you got the answer already)

Himself explained that one to me a while back.
And wow what a mouthfull she sang.
Wonder what it translate out to be.

Very cool.
Very, very cool.

NoRegrets said...

Mrs - see above comments

Mel - she sang this one when I saw her and explained what it was but I forget, sorry. She did explain that most of the songs are sad/have tragic endings. There are very few that don't. And I don't remember if this was the exception.