Thursday, April 30, 2009

Documenting Mood Issues

OK, I'm supposed to be tracking my moods and I'm really really bad about writing it down, and right now I need to vent anyways, so here goes.

Tues: kinda all over the place - crying, lack of concentration, etc.
Wed: couldn't think/concentrate for the life of me
Thurs: irritability kicking in, and burst of energy - horrible horrible combination. There was an empty folder for vacation request forms, so I asked yesterday that they make copies. Went in there today, still no forms. Wrote and email saying I needed a form. Get a form on my chair saying they are in a different folder - leave request. I go in there and thank him for the form, and pull out the folder that says vacation request and ask - why is this folder here? Shouldn't it be gotten rid of? He's leaning over and says here are the forms. And I just repeat, shouldn't this folder be gotten rid of? And he doesn't answer, so I walk out.

Sigh. Maybe I need to eat lunch. Maybe that will soothe the inner bitch.


M. Robert Turnage said...

I wish I could give you of those mood rings, so you could just document the color.

Churlita said...

Are you keeping track of your moods to find out if your meds are working? Damn, I'd have to document mine every 5 seconds, because that's how often they can change.

laura b. said...

I need to be keeping track of my moods too. It is supposed to prove that I am not crazy, just at the mercy of my own cycle or some such stuff...

NoRegrets said...

MRT< I think I actually have an original one somewhere.

Churlita, I'm supposed to be. It's so difficult to remember, adn it's so difficult to tell given circumstances etc.

Laura, exactly.

The CEO said...

I'm sympathetic.