Monday, April 20, 2009

when someone dreams of you

Last week I got an email from an old high school acquaintance via facebook. He wanted to know if I was ok. He had had a dream with me in it, and was worried. This was the dream:

Believe it or not you were in a car and you were shot in the abdomen. You were losing a lot of blood and started to arrest on me. I needed to put a breathing tube but couldn't find the equipment because W owned the kit. He finally came over and I was able to put the tube in. I woke up at that point so I don't know if you made it to surgery.

This was before I fell rollerblading, so really everything was indeed ok. But it's so odd to figure so prominently in a dream of someone you sort of knew in high school (we were at opposite ends of a group). I wondered if it meant anything.

Update on the finger: still hurts, but good to have the splint. I'm typing well because I have it off - I need to ice it this morning. A friend called last night to convince me to get it x-rayed. I don't think I will but we commiserated about having your dominant hand/arm messed up. I started a comment to him: You know what the worst this is? And he finished - going to the bathroom. And I just laughed and laughed because it's true. It's so difficult to wipe yourself!!! but don't worry, I get the job done.


Churlita said...

Good to know you're getting the important stuff done.

It is weird to hear you were in someone else's dream. At least he didn't say you were naked in it.

laura b. said...

There is something at least a little unnerving to hear about a dream like that.

I am glad you have splinted your finger and it is feeling better...and that the little things in life can be attended to :-)

k_sra said...

well,a ctually, he didn't say you weren't naked. :P

i dreamt a friend committed suicide. i woke up crying and had to call him. is your old friend an EMS?

NoRegrets said...

Well, if he was treating me maybe I ended up naked...

Laura, it's a BIG thing. Not little, no no.

I guess he's a paramedic or something; again, I didn't even spend that much time with him in high school; facebook is odd that way