Saturday, April 18, 2009

major rant - not scavenger hunt


I always thought I should never rollerblade. But then I go and get free rollerblades and protective gear off freecycle, so I figure I'll try it. But I try it alone. And I don't realize there's a slope. And can't stop. So fall. And do not break wrist or elbow or head, but maybe a couple fingers. Yep. FUCK ME! It's really hard to type, but I still need to rant more.

This is on top of my ex not wanting me to see his parents. Stupid jerk. I completely understand it and yada yada yada, but it's just so fucking typical. It would be uncomfortable, so can't let it happen.

And then, I also went to the hardware store and bought paint for my bedroom window sills. Was being environmental and didn't take a bag and had a lot of items. So, I drop the paint in the parking lot and it opens, spilling all. The end of that story is good, since they were nice and replace the quart. This is because it's a down home old school hardware store, not the Home Depot type of place. The kind of place where people know stuff and are helpful and nice.

OK, I have to go ice. dammit dammit dammit all to hell. I have to climb with one arm again.


Mel said...

Oh no......

Ice on, ice off, ice on, ice off.

Oy geeze....ya poor thing....

Churlita said...

Ouch! At least things are never all bad. I'm glad the store replaced your paint for you.

laura b. said...

Not so fresh, eh? I am sorry NoRegrets. Sorry about your fingers and sorry that your Ex can't see past his own feelings.

I guess this day would be best remembered as the day you kindly had your spilled paint replaced.

Tara said...

Okay, I'd say it would be a good day to call it a day and just buy some ice cream, put ice on the (freakin ouch to infinity!!) broken fingers and just watch some movies.

Damn, I'm sorry about your day. Tomorrow will be better.

Bobby said...

Rough times!

Don't go around with broken digits! You gotta get x-rayed. You should sell those torture devices (roller blades.)

I've always wanted to dump a big bucket of paint somewhere. Purple would be my choice. Maybe on a highway - or an onramp.

The CEO said...

Is there anything I can do to help? Call me if I can.

NoRegrets said...

Is that like wax on, wax off?>

Yeah, and the day ended welll

Exactoly Laura.

Sunday is indeed better.

Ah, a dcotor olast night said they'd just put it in a spoint anyway, sop I'm not goingl Just typing really badlyl;

Thanks Monty, but I'm ok