Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Seems I have a new type of headache. Sudden onslaught. I started feeling bad at lunchtime, suddenly - it started in my neck but then was all over my head like I was wearing a too tight swimming cap. Made it through a work lunch, got back to my desk and sat there staring at the screen for a few minutes, then had to go home. Only just made it home and threw up (thankfully I didn't pay for lunch, but still, felt bad throwing up $28 worth of food, including beets which was quite colorful). Took 2 aspirin, put ice on the back of my head, covered my eyes, and went to sleep. And woke up 2 hours later sort of ok.

So, it was sort of like a migraine on speed. Or something. Because it went away without migraine meds, so it really is a different one.

I was perfectly fine in the morning, and I had kinda faked being ok at lunch, so when I got back to the office my boss was I think very very surprised to hear me say I gotta go home. At least I was aware enough to do that and not try and stick it out at work.

Headaches suck because they can be from so many things. It's awfully frustrating. When I called a friend before I left work to cancel on climbing she said, well, maybe you should go to the doctor, I said, well, if I knew which one to go to to fix this, I would. I called my psychiatrist since of course headaches is one of the side effects of the 'new' medication I'm taking, but she can't do anything because again, headaches have no instant diagnosis. She suggested going back to the neurologist. I don't want to go to the neurologist because she'll likely want to put me on a daily drug. My trainer this morning suggested it might be my allergy medication. But if I don't take allergy drugs, then I might get a sinus headache. And I work out/train so I won't get migraines, but they are coming back anyway.

Part of me wants to surrender, lay on my back, and say fine. I quit. But, what would I be quitting? Ugh. So, my next plan of attack is to do what I said I should start up and get back into yoga. Sigh... yet another thing in my week, though I do love it. I just have to find a place to go and money to pay for it because I'm no good at keeping routines for myself. It's so odd to have such a strong body and such a weak one at the same time.


The CEO said...

I'm sorry to hear of your new headache problems. Isn't modern medicine wonderful?

Squirrel said...

Don't quit.

Churlita said...

Everyone tells me that accupuncture works well on migraines/headaches. that might be the thing to try next.

Pamela said...

Yes, Monty. Sigh.

Squirrel...I really can't, so don't worry.

Churlita, I tried accupuncture once and sobbed through the whole thing. Never again.

Tara said...

It could've also been from neck strain. It must've felt good to put some ice on your neck and get in a few hours of sleep.

I used to get headaches all the time when I was in school. Some of it had to do with the fact my thyroid was underactive. I rarely get headaches now after the doc put me on a thyroid med. Still get tension headaches from time to time, though.

laura b. said...

That sounds awful. I hope the yoga helps and that your doctors can figure out if there is any medication issues that can be adjusted.