Friday, February 27, 2009

How am I doing?

- I just found a major mistake in something at work, that affects a huge meeting we have Monday-Wednesday. My fault.
- Budget cutting might mean I might not have half a job. Things looked ok for a while, but then the PI's are at a point where they dont want to continue it if it gets cut past a certain level. And we're not cutting it enough for the powers that be. Final decision next week.
- My personal emotions are shit.
- I haven't been sleeping well.
- I adopted a cat last night, despite friends warning me not to because I just didn't need the stress, and I realized when I brought the cat home that I can't deal with the stress. Billy freaked out and won't come out of the basement, and the other cat just wants out of the room. It is indeed Sweetie, and she's a great cat, but I can't deal with putting them together now. So, I'm bringing her back. This agency takes care of their cats well, and they'll keep the $150 I gave to adopt, so that's good. An expensive lesson, but at least I'm listening to myself. Monty, you should adopt her.
- And I also took precautions and took an extra dose of one of my meds, so I'm surprisingly numb and ok at this very moment. I really do love drugs. And I'll keep on trucking.

So eventually all will be ok. I will not be broken.


Squirrel said...

Sorry you're having tough times. Didn't realize you work for Private Investigators... :)

Might want to take a look at my last few posts, and make your own version, it was surprisingly helpful for me.

If it helps... I found a pretty dumb mistake this week too, which I made months ago; and I'm not sleeping (or eating) well either; and my personal emotions are also shit. I keep bursting into tears for no reason. So chin up. You're not alone.

laura b. said...

It will be okay and you will not be broken...but damn, you have a lot of static running through your airwaves right now.
Treat yourself especially well this weekend. Doctor's orders. Okay, librarian's orders...

Pamela said...

Ditto Squirrel. I use this blog sometimes to vomit. I guess I should use it also for the positive.

Laura, thanks. I guess I need a new antenna! sigh.

The CEO said...

I'm adopting you.

Mel said...


Let him adopt!

And I'm not referring to the cat.


*sending positive, peacefilled thoughts*

Churlita said...

I'm sorry. Everyone is freaking out here because our employer is talking about furloughing us. But who knows what's going to happen. I'm just trying to hold steady and see what happens. Easier said than done, I suppose.