Friday, July 11, 2008

Habits of the Mind for Critical Thinking

- Confidence
- Contextual perspective
- Creativity
- Flexibility
- Inquisitiveness
- Intellectual integrity
- Intuition
- Open-mindedness
- Perseverance
- Reflection

I get paid to be a critical thinker, but don't always have these traits at work. Gotta work on them.


WNG said...

your missing 'the ability to hold your vodka'
other than that it's a good list, we should probably all work on it

Susan said...

I think I need to work on

"The ability to say "no, I will not be in the office today" when feeling ill"

Though I feel great today. I slept last night. I'm doing a happy dance.

M. Robert Turnage said...

That's nice, but are you in a work environment that promotes this sort thinking Do you have a boss that helps keep your confidence up or that rewards your behavior when you are flexible and creative?

Or are you in a work place that demands obedience without explanation?

You may have all of these abilities, but if you stay in a work place that tries to beat them out of you, it won't do much good.

Of course, this comes from a smart ass who once told his boss, "Was I hired to be your security blanket or was I hired to do the job?"

Tera said...

Yeah, what WNG said! (Hmmmm I find myself saying that a lot!!)

NoRegrets said...

WNG- I knew there was something missing!
Susan - yay! glad you slept! Actually , for me, when I"m sick, I tend to feel like I should be at work as much as possible in the day. If I'm taking a mental health day, I stay out the entire day, no problem. Odd.
MRT. You know, I don't know anymore. I think I'm in a place that expects these things, and does encourage them, but perhaps my own issues get in the way (phases of lack of self confidence, etc.), and some issues of my boss also get in the way (like she has very specific opinions and won't just listen to my opinion). And our collisions - since we're very similar people.
TERA, yeah, what you said.

Churlita said...

Luckily, I work for the state, so I don't have to have any of those habits.

WNG said...

Well guys, that's beacuse I'm so right in such a humble way that people feel like they HAVE to agree with me...

or it couls be the brainwashing...

and yes, Susan, you really do need to learn that one!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i have all of them traits - scary huh

NoRegrets said...

Ah Churlita, good enough for government work?
WNG - you rock!
Torrance - indeed scary, if you use them all the time. In awe...

WNG said...


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Good list I need to stick it up somewhere and ignore it at work!


NoRegrets said...

WNG, ditto. Saying that because I"m not sure which thing you are truing datting. Tru datting?

OG - yeah, I had it hanging up at work. I"m trying to not ignore it though.

heather said...

"Was I hired to be your security blanket or was I hired to do the job?"

i'm dying to use that line!! love, love, love it. :)