Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Or, chocolate skittles. I had heard about them on the radio and thought it sounded disgusting, so figured I'd have to try them. There's supposedly five flavors in the package and I will taste all.

Vanilla: tastes kinda like vanilla I guess. like that vanilla syrup they put in milkshakes or some coffees. kinda gross.

s'mores: if I use my imagination I can taste the graham cracker. the vanilla is still there. not sure I taste the chocolate. edible.

chocolate caramel (I think): pretty disgusting

chocolate pudding (I think): pretty digusting, but not as much as caramel. trouble is these two look similar on the package.

brownie batter: I think I taste salmonella eggs. actually, it's kind of ok. passable.

So how's that for some glowing recommendations?

BTW, I know I'm on overdrive on posting, but I'm in a place where I don't have much to do, can't go outside and hang out, but do have high speed access. Come end July/early August I'll be in my place with no computer, and too much to do every night... And at work I'm kind of procrastinating on a final report I have to write.


M. Robert Turnage said...

Gyuss - How were you able to post on NoR's blog? Your experimental eating and trip down the river later on this year are always fun blog topics. Can you please show me how to write blog posts on NoR's blog? I think it will be fun to write about the Buttmunch.

NoRegrets said...

Who said he was able to post on my blog? When did such event occur? Stop drinking MRT and go to bed!

M. Robert Turnage said...

Gyuss - It looks like you can even comment under NoR's name. Wow!

Gyuss, I know you love to blog about disgusting food.

Like here:


And here:

So it only stands to reason you would start posting on other people's blogs. Maybe you will post on mine soon!

And when you write about how "Come end July/early August I'll be in my place with no computer, and too much to do every night..." you are obviously talking about your Mississippi river trip.

So the jig is up. You can stop pretending you are NoR and start pretending you are Tera. Or Torrence.

The CEO said...

Post as often as you can. Unfortunately, I'm not blogging until late at night. But, you're high on the list!


The CEO said...

Shittles are not for diabetics unless you go hypoglycemic. Thanks anyway, though. I appreciate the effort.

Tera said...

NoR~Knock it off with all the posts already! I can't keep up!

I'm not much for all that chocolate, and when I saw those, I instantly knew they'd be pukage!

heather said...

normally i like skittles, but chocolate skittles!? no thank you. with or without your 'glowing' review. if i need a chocolate fix i'll stick to m&m's, york pepermint patties or jr mints. shittles be damned.

heather said...

and here i thought all the extra posts ment you were sitting home alone getting drunk. that's what usually causes it for me anyway :)

SUEB0B said...

This is the best blog post title ever.

Regular skittles taste like floor wax (and not very good floor wax, either) so it doesn't surprise me that "chocolate" aren't tasty.

NoRegrets said...

Gnomes have their ways.
Monty - I'm not #1? :-)
Tera, it's almost as bad as all the commenting that goes on in your posts!
Heather, oh, I'd be afraid of what I'd post if I were drunk...
Suebob, I must say, I can't take credit for it. I heard a dj say it on the radio. And it's most appropriate.

Susan said...

I have zero urge to try these. If I'm going off the diet it'll be for pizza and beer, not imitation chocolate.

Churlita said...

There's a group of bloggers I read who have been having a running joke about how nasty chocolate Skittles are. If I wasn't grossed out before by them...

Glamourpuss said...

Chocolate Skittles? You're right, they sound vile.


NoRegrets said...

Susan, it'll help you LOSE weight because you'll hurl.
Churlita, we'll see how long they stay on the market.
Puss, I can send you some if you'd like to experience them!

laura b. said...

My ex does marketing for M&M Mars, so I got an early preview of these and let me just say...ew. And this from someone who tends to love all forms of chocolate. I don't think these have anything to do with actual chocolate though.

Suzanne said...

I love fruity Skittles sugary fake fruitiness, so when I saw the chocolate Shittles, I was offended. Skittles are fruit, dammit! I do crack up repeatedly at an extremely stupid Shittles ad with a pinata guy in it and cannot figure out why I find it funny. Anyway, I appreciate that you took a hit for the rest of us and tried them.