Thursday, July 10, 2008

lunch today

Was no picnice. Ha ha!

Yes, this is a recurring theme Evil-e, so I will start labeling.

So, I've been using the work computer at the various homes I've had. And my boss calls me at 8 am expecting that I'll hear it and bring the computer in. And since I didn't, and since I don't have it here, I needed to go back and get it at lunchtime.

Fine. I was all ready to taxi it, and my door guy friend offered to let me use his car. Which is of course very nice of him. So, I drove up there, got the computer, gave the cat some treats and a scratches on the neck, and walked out the door.

Without my keys. PIMFA.

So, this means:
- I did not bolt the door of the apt. nor the door outside.
- My bicycle is locked on the street with no way for me to get it.
- I have to get someone to help me get into the place (luckily others have keys), and then drive my car back to pick up my bike.

The silver lining in the cloud is that I found something in the bag I used to carry the computer that I had been missing for a while. So, some things are well that aren't going well? Or however that goes.

Whatever. What is eating away at me and it's so difficult to keep my mouth shut, is that I didn't need the little lecture from my bos about how the computer belongs here for when it's needed. She is getting her PHD and from Sept to March this past year had the computer at her house so she could run SPSS on it. If I needed it for travel I'd have to remind her to bring it in. Hypocrite. I get blamed because she didn't remember until the morning she has to leave on a trip.

Oh well, it's an hour not at my desk and I'm not making up the time. And now I can't work at 'home' anymore so they can't expect that of me.

HEY PUSS! It seems it is indeed in the clause. See an old post of mine.


M. Robert Turnage said...

All you have to do with the boss is threaten not to have consensus next time. Just shake your head slowly from side to side and say, "I'll do it, but it just doesn't sound right to me." The boss will crumble within seconds. You have the power in this relationship.

If you are still upset, follow these links:

NoRegrets said...

Oh, MRT, you don't know my boss. She does NOT crumble. She raised 3 boys. Very well, from what I can tell.

I'm not upset, I'll just take away the word fucking.

M. Robert Turnage said...

Beware! If you take away fucking, the internet will collapse upon itself.

Tara said...

Manager's have a way of lecturing at the very worst time, don't they? My manager preaches to me about stuff I've known for years, but I think it's just cuz he likes to push his management title around.

The CEO said...

Do you also know SPSS? I love statistics.

Glamourpuss said...

I'm useless with keys - utterly useless, so I empathise.

BTW I think bosses have a hypocrisy clause in their contracts.


Tera said...

I seldom make up my time...even when I take 2 hour lunches!

Is this the same boss that was stupid a few posts ago??? I don't like her.

NoRegrets said...

MRT - good point.
Tara - part of a manager's job description is preaching?
CEO - I don't know SPSS - never had to learn it. I did use other programs. I did really like doing regression analysis, but I would never want it to be my life.
Puss- see, I had keys in my hand. But they were the car keys! ugh.
TERA- you know, you're only hearing the bad shit. I'll tell a good story one day to even it out.

Churlita said...

MRT is cracking me up again. And I don't think I like your boss either. Let me know if you want me to stop by your office and slap her up for you. It's kind of a running offer.

NoRegrets said...

Puss - I just remembered that that clause must be there. See an old post of mine: